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True Automated Lift™ (TAL)
Dealer's Product Details

Lift Pricing

  • Dealer Price     $1437.00 (lift only)
  • MAP                  $2495.00
  • MSRP               $2995.00 
Sales Channels
  • Nerok sells through authorized dealers only
  • No web sales to the public
  • All leads are forwarded to dealers
  • MAP policies will be maintained
TAL package consists of:
  • TAL Stainless Steel Cabinet with fastener to spa
  • TAL Polycarbonate Arm with Stainless Steel brackets and core straps
  • Detailed Installation Instructions and Manual 
TAL package does not provide:
  • TAL ready cover
  • Installation tools and suggested material listed in the manual
  • Fastener/anchor for anchoring the cabinet to the spa’s foundation

TAL Installation – An experienced spa technician should be able to install the lift in 60 minutes. In most cases, 90% of the assembly can be completed at the shop, prior to delivery. The skills required are within the range required to install a spa and manual lift. The basic hand tools required are listed in the Installation Instructions Manual and common in most shops.

TAL Cover - A TAL ready cover will need to be purchased from a cover manufacturer. All necessary information is listed on our web site under Cover Specifications in the footer.  No manufacturing re-tooling or core shaping is required.
TAL Lift Arm - The lift arm will have to be sized to the cover and strapped to the cover’s foam core. 
TAL Cabinet - The cabinet is self-supporting. The cabinet will need to be screwed into the spa’s structure side members with four screws and off-set by spacers to insure movement over time. This will require a drill, drill bits, measuring tape, and ¼ hex socket to drive the hex head screws. These screws and spacers are provided.
TAL Foundation - The cabinet will be anchored to its foundation with anchors appropriate for that foundation. Loose flag stone or pavers are not a recommended foundation for the lift cabinet. This will require a drill, anchors, and any appropriate tools. These anchors are not provided.
TAL Power Requirements - The TAL is wired with a 110 plug for easy plug and play installation and can be hard wired if required by local codes. Adhere to all local electrical wiring codes. (See electrical installation option details in Installation Instructions)

TAL Cover - The True Automated Lift is limited to Standard or Deluxe model covers. Please note your cost is discounted off these RETAIL listed prices. You fill out the cover form and we have it made to your specification and sent it directly to your store. Your cover cost is 40% discount off the retail listed price, plus $75 for the Nerok Cover Ready Modification. Nerok does not have a MSRP for this cover and does not have MAP pricing restrictions. You can price it as needed. All covers are FOB Hamilton, NJ.

Nerok Warranty
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Price: $1,437.00
Year: 2019
Make: True Automated Lift
Model: 1
Manufacturer: Nerok LLC
Weight: 125