About Nerok, LLC

Design Thinking from the Eyes of the Consumer

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Our Process:


Nerok spent 18 month interviewing consumers and dealers to fully understand what the spa consumer was experiencing. Nerok"s lift design was not based on any preconceived ideas in engineering or design, but rather was based on what the consumer experienced when using the spa. All they wanted was to not have to lift the cover. That is all they wanted.


The consumer defined the need, dealers designed lift. Dealer were at the front line of the problem identification. They hear the complaints and knew the obstacles.


We looked for simple existing technologies from other industries and found the simplest idea right in front of our noses. A garage door opener. Why not, it already does the same job in the garage.


We had to find a way of making this device lift and fold a cover and after 100"s of prototypes we found a simple way to make it work. We reversed the process.


Nerok tested and refined the lift for 5 complete seasons at 9,000 feet in the mountains of Colorado.