The True Automated Lift™ adheres to all known ASTM Standards for Automated Spa Cover Lifters and Nerok plans to pursue UL certification. There are seven known precedents for certification by UL; all being in-ground pool automated covers.

Safety is one of the lift’s most marketable features. There are two significant differences between the True Automated Lift™ and all other automated lifts; the first being entrapment. In other automated lifts, the cover is mechanically held down so an individual can be trapped inside with no way of getting out on his own. These lifts must be operated from outside, releasing the trapped individual, and in the event of a power outage, the lift will need to be disassembled to allow an individual a way out. With the True Automated Lift™, the cover can be pushed up freely from within the spa, without hindrance, with or without power, same as with the a manual lift. It also creates no more of a safety hazard than manual lifts on the market today.

The second difference is the controls. Other similar automated lifts claim remote control operation. ASTM Standards disallows remote control operation and require a “spring-loaded momentary contact type switch, so that when released the cover stops operation immediately at any point in the opening and closing cycle” (Reference ASTM F1346-91-10). The Nerok Lift™ utilizes this type of switch and does not offer remote operation for this safety reason.