Cover Specifications

Any cover manufacturer can manufacture a cover to fit the True Automated Lift. Manufacturing a TAL ready cover does not require any retooling, special equipment, installation of brackets or hardware, nor shaping of the foam core. Nerok can assist any manufacturer with perfecting their cover.

The TAL ready cover is the standard cover used today with one additional layer of 1” polystyrene, 4 additional zippers and a 1.75-inch hinge. Nerok recommends at least a 3 to 5-inch tapered core. The TAL arm is a light weight rigid honeycomb panel connected by two torsion springs and is attached to the foam core with stainless steel brackets and a nylon strap. The arm does not compromise the integrity of the core’s plastic seal.  All bracket and straps are supplied by Nerok and are assembled by the dealer. The arm slides in from the back edge of the cover between the vinyl pocket and the foam core and installation of the lift and cover can be completed within 60 minutes by an experienced spa technician.