What is a True Automated Lift?

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The True Automated Lift (TAL) is a robust and totally unique automated spa cover lift, that with a turn of a switch, opens and closes the cover on spas, hot tubs, and swim spas. TAL’s innovative design is like no other motorized cover lift on the market. It replaces the outdated manual lift and is favored by dealers and consumers alike for its exceptional reliability, unobtrusive and compact design, and its simple functionality. TAL makes life easier for every spa owner, and is a safe and simple solution for any individuals with limited strength, handicaps, or those who just want the convenience.

TAL Solves These Problems:

  •  Physically unable or struggling to open a large heavy waterlogged spa cover.
  •  Limited space for a spa cover or unwanted gazebos or large bar cabinets.
  •  Many spa design features can prohibit automation. TAL fits all spa shapes, sizes, and features.
  •  Re-investing in out-dated manual lifts vs. a modern innovative long lasting solution.
How Does It Work?

True Automated Lift App

  • Open and Close by iPhone App. (Following a Safety check)
  • Remote security lock.
  • Remote setting times of operation.
  • Troubleshoot lift and report to Nerok.
  • Update System Software.
  • And more to come.

Upgrade to a TAL. You will be glad you did. We are.

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